Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get the New BioShock Activator

Hello everyone,
Before I release my facebook hacking software to the general public I wanted to share something. This is particularly great fir all the BioShock fans. I have coded in my free time a BioShock Activator. So just grab a BioShock torrent and use my activator with it and you will have a fully working copy of bioshock activator. It took me some 2 hours to code it. I have tested it on all windows operating systems and it is working perfectly without any problems. You need .Net 2.0 installed in order to run this activator.

Get it here: bioshock crack


Hello People!

I am in the middle of developing an appilcation which exploits a latest loophole found in facebook login procedure to hack facebook accounts easily. I will not disclose the loophole or any other info regarding until the application is made public because I do not want Facebook developers to findout and close this security loophole.

Keep a close watch on this blog for next few days for some really great sh!t!
D4rK Sn!P3r